What is theconfettieggs.com about?

Unsurprisingly my website is about confetti eggs or cascarones as they're known more commonly in Latin America. For those that are unfamiliar confetti eggs or seeking more details about my product please view my website's about page.

Business origins

First and foremost my name is Carol Villarreal-Kazounis. I am a mother of two, graduate of University of North Florida, and successful business owner. As for how I came to operate this business it's a story that began ten years ago.It was in early 2002 that I made my first confetti eggs for the yearly festival my son's school hosed in my hometown of Saint Augustine, Florida. At first my eggs were simply made with the dye any other person would use typically during Easter. However as the years passed what started out as an additional chore during my busy schedule as a business owner and homemaker developed into something more.

I found myself enjoying the activity during my downtime, especially as I began to become more creative. Instead of using store purchased dye I began to paint with brushes, sponges, and even spray. The addition of accessories onto some of my creations also began at this time. It wasn't until I considered that my daughter would be moving on to high school before long that I had a revelation.

I rediscovered the creative side of myself that I had lost throughout the years of putting my family's needs before my own. It was with that understanding that I began to reevaluate what I had been doing all of these years and decided to share my creativity with a broader audience. As you may have already realized that has led to the creation of theconfettieggs.com. And so without further delay I just want to say thank you for taking an interest. I hope you enjoy using my eggs during your celebrations as much as I enjoyed making them.