Here is where you will find your new confetti eggs. The confetti eggs are all made by hand, featuring hand painted eggs that will be decorated, filled with confetti which is sealed in with crepe paper - just for you!

While the colored eggs are at first glance thought to be associated with Easter, there are dozens of celebrations in which they have been known to feature in.They are an affordable and fun alternative to other entertainment options for celebrations.

As you can see decorating the page, we have a beautiful selection of colors to match the theme of your event. While the brightly colored eggs to the right are more traditional, the lustrous hues of silver and gold can really rise to nearly any occasion.

It is my hope that you to will find share in the enjoyment that these party favors have gifted to so many others over the years.

To purchase our eggs by the dozen:

To pick them up by the flat, just pick one of these: